The Bridge of Quiet Sounds is taught the topic of identification through a sound installation in which 6 different stories are translated into different languages. Quiet sounds of whispering are removed from the speakers to produce a sound route. While listening to that, a listener and a viewer can identify themselves with a particular culture. The language, is it a bridge or a barrier? 
The idea was to expose the beauty of languages in the celebration of multiculturalism that is sometimes regarded as a bridge to understanding and at the same, a barrier. The atmosphere of intimacy and soft whispering creates a kind of a bridge between characters and ideas that they were whispering to the audience. Also, the idea of analyzing language as a source of inspiration for different cultures and start understanding them. 
Technically the concept was to make an invisible route for a listener/viewer who was supposed to go from one loudspeaker to another with the idea to grasp the whispering information from every loudspeaker one by one. Thinking deeper about the idea about the function of a bridge to connect something, the audience can realize that a bridge can also be destroyed and in this case, it is not a function of liaison.

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