Childhood is the source of our future life. This period of tranquility, absolute freedom, and openness to the world, which takes place outdoors in nature. This idea of the artistic image of a 'child outdoors, surrounded by nature' becomes the starting point of the concept. The soundscape is like naturalistic sound images such as the wind in the field, swaying rye, wafting echo, the voices of children, bell of a passing bicycle, singing birds and buzzing flies, etc. It makes a special environment of flowing memories that cannot be recorded as a fixed piece.
Technically the idea was to construct an acoustic ‘shower’ where listeners & viewers can feel and listen to the soundscape which works on the principle of surrounding sound. Also, the shape of the installation works as a dreamcatcher where memory exists as an ephemeral substance that is like a water stream, it captures and envelops the listeners/viewers while submerging them in the 'acoustic canvas' of sound images.
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