The video animation Illumination is an attempt to explore the world of dreams, through the subjective experience of an artist who, over a week, recorded and sketched incoming images in dreams, using the Surrealist automatism. This technique made the artist concentrate on his dreams, dive into them and trace them. And also made him think about what a dream is. Someone says that we spend half our lives sleeping. What happens to our mind and consciousness when we fall asleep? Who are we when we sleep? Where do we travel in our dreams? How do dreams relate to the real world and how do they affect us? 
In Illumination, the artist resorts to using digital language to describe the personal experience of the unconscious, through which he shows the relationship between a person, his inner world, and material reality. Scientists have discovered and described six dimensions of our world, but there is an infinite number of undisclosed dimensions. The human mind can perceive only four of them (including time). What if, when we fall asleep, our mind takes us to one of the unknown dimensions?
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