In the interactive sound installation 250/165, the theme of "Vibration" is considered. Natural fluctuations of the soil, have a different effect on man and his way of life. Such phenomena cannot be seen, one can feel and experience their consequences, sometimes taking the forms of destructive natural disasters such as earthquakes or tsunamis. 
Human activity also sometimes contributes to the emergence of man-made earthquakes, which negatively affect the environment. All these phenomena were caused by vibrations, which are transferred to the air environment in work 250/165, allowing the viewer to hear them. The main soundscape is a seismogram adapted by artists from various sensors around the world, turned into an audio
image, filling the room. Vibrations caused by the movement of spectators through the audience are recorded and amplified, adding a new unpredictable sound and an element of interactivity to the installation. 
The installation was created as part of the Synthposium 5 festival in collaboration with Ivan Nikic-Krichevskiy.

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